Playing in a Band - Looking at Life on the inside out - Part 1

It's super easy to get caught up in the excitement of playing in a fairly popular band. For the past 10 years our band, Right TurnClyde has been riding the wave of being a well known act in the Pittsburgh area. But to be honest it wasn't always that way. 

It all started after going thru several auditions, crash and burning thru them. You see I thought I was hot after playing for a few years in a local worship team playing for a church , 2 services a Sunday. Pastor was switched out and the contemporary music program was discontinued. I thought I was really good only to find out .. I wasn't  

I thought I could try my hand at playing in a “real” cover band. So after after a series of auditions I realized I sucked. So what do you do in this situation .. practice. 

So after trying again and again I still struck out. Then out of no where I answered a Craigs list ad which in turn landing me a rhythm guitar gig with a fairly popular Pittsburgh area country act. That was a ton of fun and very educational. Then .. the band disbanded. I was like - what's next ?   Do I audition all over again or do I create an acoustic duo act … well I decided to create a duo. Something that we could do Happy Hours small groups etc.     


Thus the beginning of Right TurnClyde. The next time we chat we'll dig into how it all started.   

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